Sunday, November 12, 2023

Trust and Respect

Trust and Respect



It appears some of you haven't noticed, and others because of ideology, that we can't face the reality that our freedoms and way of life are being diminished every day. In cities like Portland and San Francisco, residents live amongst thousands of homeless and mentally ill with feces and drug paraphernalia on the sidewalks. In New York, addicts shoot up in broad daylight while others defecate in store fronts.      


NO RESPECT for our borders and sovereignty. NO TRUST in the government by those emboldened and accountable to keep our borders sealed. Our children are more likely to be shot than obtain a good education.




I clearly remember the learning process as a child in the 1950s involved consistent guidance on the importance of morality, respecting others, and being respected. This information came from our parents, family members, spiritual leaders, and even adults in the neighborhood. Respect was an important commodity. The reverential treatment of the many immigrants who came here with nothing, yet still created wonderful lives while remaining humble and gracious was born out of a deep respect for all they had achieved. They remained good, moral people who were trusted and respected.


When I was 14 years old, I had the honor of working for one of those respected and trusted people in the community. Izzy wasn't a big man in stature standing barely 5' 2" tall, nor was he wealthy or handsome; however, the latter observations were rarely noticed once you met him. He always shook your hand and looked into your eyes with a thoughtful kindness that was compelling. His broken English was endearing and always calm. 


While working with him, I delivered groceries, stocked merchandise, and did whatever else was needed in his small grocery store on 166th Street just off of Sheridan Avenue in the Bronx. Early in my employment, I asked Izzy what the tattooed numbers on his arm meant. His reply was overwhelming to me and I couldn't understand why he wasn't full of rage and bitterness for the horrific treatment he and his family had endured. 


In the aftermath of the Holocaust, he chose to create a new life out of nothing remaining a humble, kind, proud man who instilled in me the importance of respecting others and to never cheat yourself or your employer out of a full day’s work. Trust is established over time through consistent behavior, honesty, and estimable acts. It is something one should not demand of others for it is earned. Trust must prevail for relationships to survive. It is a blessing providing both comfort to the soul and well-being to the heart.


I wouldn't be surprised if some of our youth today have rarely known the gratification associated with trusting and respecting others. Sadly, for some, that includes their parents. Nor have these youth experienced the emotions associated with feeling trusted and respected themselves. Trust, honor, and respect were virtues first learned in the home from our parents. 


Virtues like pride in a hard day’s work, gratitude, courtesy, and kindness, 

are unfortunately disappearing in this new culture.


There is a major shift in the mindset of Americans who once aspired to live by the words of John F. Kennedy in his inaugural speech, "Ask not what your country can do for you - Ask what you can do for your country."  This sensibility is a relic of a time when most Americans were proud of their country and grateful for the opportunities it offered them. Many Americans still live by that creed, but unfortunately, far too many feel the country owes them anything and everything. The love of hard work and the pride that comes with supporting your family is gone for far too many.


PRIDE? There's the P in FREE!  


The concept of respect has been diluted, and possibly abducted, by its evil twin--disrespect. In today's world, many feel powerless, diminished, and disregarded by the government, their employers, and by society as a whole. Some violence is perpetuated under the guise of retribution for being disrespected by an individual or group. More often than not, references to discord will be associated with individuals feeling they have been disrespected.


It seems the psyche of some of the populace doesn't understand nor embrace the concept of respect, but instead views it as something you take, control, and acquire through fear! 

In this America, the war cry is for stealing, burning, violence, and even homicide all labeled as consequence of disrespect.In their world, you earn respect by fear. 


We are also dealing with the “Cancel Culture” where truth, character, and self-respect are often insignificant. These once admired qualities are now handicaps that will put you and your family in jeopardy. The driving force keeping us in line is based on fear—shut up and support the lies, illegal acts, and whatever else you're told to do, or you will be cancelled and ruined. Morals, honor, trust, and respect are flaws in the new ideology of power and wealth at any cost. Even the destruction of American citizens and America are on the table. There is nothing more pathetic than extremely old white men trying to be cool and woke at the cost of their dignity and honor. Clad in thousand-dollar suits and diapers from Walgreens, these men would walk on fire to stay in power a while longer. Their archaic minds are far removed from a time when respect and trust meant everything.


Our institutions of higher learning are more in keeping with the philosophy of China and Russia in that the students are bombarded with just one political point of view leaving no room for conversation or debate. 


This is not education, it's indoctrination!


Not even the brightest minds in the world are welcome at most universities to enlighten our youngest minds if their message alters from the party line. When will the disrespectful and dishonest woke agendas be exposed? 


We live in a time where there is very little accountability or consequences for bad and/or illegal acts by society, police, clergy, teachers, and our trusted leaders in government. 


·      How can we expect our youth, some with little education and limited parental guidance, to aspire to become business owners and entrepreneurs when they can steal anything they want with no repercussions?  

·      Are we creating a culture of youth whose norm is crime, guns, burning, looting, and drugs?

·      Why would a young entrepreneur risk opening a retail business when looters and shoplifters can steal up to $900 of their merchandise every day, all day long, without it being a crime? 


Not to mention, there is the possibility that looters might decide to burn down the building! Who in their right mind would put every penny they have and go into debt for a business that is not protected by either their law enforcement or elected officials? Is a crime still a crime if there are no prosecutions?


I’m 81 years old and grateful I won’t be around for the shit storm that will inevitably happen if these old hacks keep getting elected. 


On a personal level, I am concerned for the well-being of my new electric scooter considering the pathetic thieves behind me who have stolen scooters from the handicapped and elderly people. NO RESPECT!


  1. You are a great writer and always speak the truth. This is all 100% correct. My grandmother who died in 1978 once said, "I won't be here but 50 or 100 years from now people will get worse and worse until they make a big mess and destroy everything".
    Reading this reminded me of her.
    Thank you Chuck.

  2. I appreciate the music that was part of our foundation, and just as much - THESE WORDS. This should be more easily found. I only saw it because I googled you. Of course, if you made it a Facebook post then you'd have to deal with foolish haters and everything else social media brings about today. Anyway, I hope you are well tonight. And again, thank you!

  3. I'm glad that you're not afraid or ashamed to tell it like it is! Amen my friend, God bless you.

  4. Spot on! You've said things that will probably ire others in the music business including some of your peers who appear to be clueless as to what is going on around them.

  5. "Jesus looked at them and said 'With humans, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.'" Matthew 19:26

    This you know well, Chuck.

  6. Yes, I agree Chuck. You have a clear sight.