Monday, June 13, 2022

Three Card Monty



Before my birthday last week, I found it difficult to comprehend that I would soon be 80-years-old not just due to the lifestyle I led when I was younger, but also due to my confusion and concern as a child about the life expectancy of human beings. 


When I was just 12-years-old hanging out with my friends at the corner candy store, I overheard a neighborhood man telling his friends he was turning 30. Immediately I thought, "This poor guy is going to die soon." Actually, life expectancy in the 1950s peaked at 66.8 by the end of the decade. When I turned 30, I was aware there were those saying I would be the next musician to die, but that's another story.


Satirical Speech 


When social commentary, humorous anecdotes, and satire are stifled or abandoned for fear of irreparable damage inflicted upon those who inform and enlighten our burden with humor, we are taking another step towards the end of freedom of speech. 


In the 1950s and 60s, Dick Gregory and Lenny Bruce were shut down for their social commentary on outrageous injustice to people of color and the fight for freedom of expression and speech. Today, the news, whether it be from network, cable, print, Internet, or social media, as well as late night TV only offer a diatribe of limited thought coming from humorless lemmings who beat the same tired horse to death over and over again signaling the death of intellectual thought, balance of ideas, and introspective Comedy.


Much humorous social commentary is realized after hearing or reading absurd falsehoods that are so ridiculous that they're funny. George Carlin was great at this, but today he might be attacked and demonized for his humorous insight. In our current political climate, if you don't fall in line and embrace the ideology much of the media shoves down your throat, you will be ridiculed and cast out. Threatening, shaming, assaulting, or ostracizing others has only served to widen the divide by harming those who have never harmed you nor wish you ill will! This "pound of flesh" scenario is fathered by hate and strives on power and control.




Throughout my life, I've seen wondrous progress--miracles in medicine, technology, and science; however, with all the wonders my generation has witnessed, it's uncomfortably clear that Politicians appear immune to change, growth, and a commitment to the rule of law. The primary purpose of these relics seems only to advance their agenda and to accumulate power and wealth. As takers and hustlers, they are pimping us out and selling our resources to the highest bidder with no remorse nor allegiance to the country they have sworn to protect and serve. 


These panderers of chaos who offer citizens no more than smoke and mirrors, gibberish, and "Three Card Monty"-like choices to the serious issues this country is facing must be confronted and made accountable. Far too many who enter the political arena, even those with grandiose visions of goodwill to the country who respect the rule of law, eventually fall victim to the intoxicating allure of power and wealth. 


Even violent crimes perpetuated against the citizens of this country are now clouded with inaccurate statistics and outright lies. One would think the slaughter of children would warrant honesty and accuracy, but politics trumps all decency and integrity. It's impossible to solve a problem when all resources are allocated away from the actually issue which is often the Mental Illness of the perpetrator. We live in a time when anarchy is a staged production employing looters, arsonists, and rioters as the primary cast members. The performance is rehearsed and choreographed by political actors who exhibit no allegiance to anything or anyone except the acquisition of  power and wealth. 


It is my belief that most citizens of our now drastically divided country oppose politicians, organizations, corporations, and institutions who condone and employ fear tactics, including social and economic exile, to those who disagree with them. These dangerous and hostile actions are killing the American dream and destroying Americans. The purpose of stifling speech, slandering, and demonizing others who think and believe differently is to squelch any point of view other than their own. Censorship is the preferred action when lies lose their power and no remedies nor constructive ideas are forthcoming. Calling out everyone you want to silence as White Supremacists or racists is evil for the intent is to create fear, anger, and division ending all constructive measures.




What must parents, siblings, and relatives of our fallen and disabled warriors feel when they see our leaders neglecting our veterans and giving away much of what these courageous soldiers fought for?


What must they think when the leaders of our country send billions to aid other countries to support their soldiers and civilians fighting to stop those invading their borders in hopes of defending their sovereignty, yet these same leaders allow our borders to be overrun with drug smugglers, human traffickers, and those simply seeking a better life? Daily, we hear the reckless redirect from inept hacks that bring us closer and closer to World War III for no one they know will be fighting. Rarely will you see them in combat on the battlefield as that battle is left for our children.




You may feel helpless believing you have no power to make a difference, but that mindset must change. You must, we all must, confront those responsible for these obscene tactics making them accountable for their reckless, predatory, and, at times, illegal actions with your vote. In this disingenuous landscape and political climate, those being assaulted and affected by these tactics must use their right to vote instead of simply sitting in their favorite chair complaining about crime, violence, gas prices, inflation, school curriculum and unsafe classrooms, the border, etc. 


Accountable and responsible citizens can remove those who are destroying the rule of law and chipping away at the Constitution by voting them out of existence.


Only about 55% of Americans vote so think how much power and influence YOU would have simply by voting and raising the percentage to 60 or 70%?


Get out and VOTE!


  1. Excellent! Everyone...please vote! Your vote matters. We are losing our country

  2. I especially like your section entitled Dinosaurs and your appeal for us to vote. Good piece!

  3. Chuck you are so right on with your political opinions about the state of the country. The Republicans in charge I believe are too Antiquated and self-serving in their ability to win . While the Democrats are so evil and corrupt as they weaponize their party with BLM and ANTIFA and now we have no police in the big cities to protect the people. And the midterms showed the Republicans to be out of touch. Anyway thanks for your great contribution to Rock and roll and some of your beautiful Ballads were unbelievable. Keep up the good work your journey is not over. The first time I heard "One is the Loneliest Number" I was hooked.